Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (FMA) Sakâw Askiy Management Inc - Sustainable Forest Management

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. is a unique partnership of six forest companies with Saskatchewan operations and two First Nations partners. The entity was formed to jointly assume the FMA and its management responsibilities.

Sakâw shareholders bring a proven track record in business and sustainable forest management, along with the traditional knowledge and investment interests of First Nations. Sakâw itself does not own any mills but several of its member companies own processing facilities in Saskatchewan which will use timber from the Prince Albert FMA area.

Actual operations – planning, harvesting, hauling, and renewal - are carried out by each of the shareholders within discrete operating zones in the FMA.   The business model is designed to leave local decisions to those with the local knowledge (shareholders) while still providing coordinated oversight at the FMA level (Sakâw).

Sakâw Askiy - Cree for Forest Land


Sakâw Askiy Management Inc., holds the Forest Management Agreement and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on harvesting, hauling and silviculture operations.

“After some very tough years, the Saskatchewan forest industry is starting to come back to life, following a reallocation of the forest resources.”


The total area (land, water, swamp) of the FMA is 3.3 million hectares with 2.6 million being forested.  Timber harvesting is expected to be possible on 1.6 million hectare or 58% of the forested area.  


Sakâw is currently operating under the existing Forest Management Plan established by Weyerhaeuser Canada. The new Management Plan is scheduled for completion in 2017.


Sakâw, through its member companies, compiles an operating plan each year describing the activities that are planned to occur (harvesting, road building, etc).


Sakâw, introduces 2015 Forest Management Plan - Working Plan and Public Advisory documents.

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What’s New…

A web map displaying the 2017 Operating Plan is now available. For a guide to using this web map look at the tips and tricks file on the operating plans page.

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