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Forest Management Plan and Technical Review Comments

Sakaw Askiy Management Inc is revising a 20-year Forest Management Plan (FMP) that will provide direction for management of the forest resources of the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement (PA FMA) area.  The PA FMA area consists of 3,354,418 hectares of boreal forest and lakes in the north-central part of Saskatchewan just north of Prince Albert.


The public is invited to provide comments on the FMP and Technical Review Comments, which incorporate the requirements of the provincial environmental assessment process and identifies the key issues addressed in the FMP.  Traditional knowledge and local information on the potential impact of this proposed project is welcomed and valued. 


To review the FMP and associated documents online, visit:


If you wish to provide comments, please contact the project administrator: 

Mark Doyle, R.P.F.  

(306) 953-2260

 Deadline for comments:  March 17, 2018

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc - Sustainable Forest Management


Sakâw Askiy Management Inc., holds the Forest Management Agreement and is responsible for monitoring and reporting on harvesting, hauling and silviculture operations.


The total area (land, water, swamp) of the FMA is 3.3 million hectares with 2.6 million being forested.  Timber harvesting is expected to be possible on 1.6 million hectare or 58% of the forested area.  


Sakâw is currently operating under the existing Forest Management Plan established by Weyerhaeuser Canada. The new Management Plan is scheduled for completion in 2017.


Sakâw, through its member companies, compiles an operating plan each year describing the activities that are planned to occur (harvesting, road building, etc).


Sakâw Public Advisory Group documents can be found on this page.