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 The 2024 Operating Plan has been approved

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Long Term Planning for the FMA

A Forest Management Plan (FMP) must be prepared to provide strategic-level direction for management of forest resources in a Term Supply Area.  

These plans establish clear goals, objectives, and strategies to guide forest management activities; set the desired future forest conditions; and attempt to minimize land and resource use conflicts.

Forest Management Plan’s include an assessment of sustainability for the area under management and include forest estate modelling to determine the sustainable rate of harvest for a period of approximately 200 years.

Forest Management Planning


Sakâw Askiy Management Inc - Sustainable Forest Management


Shareholders are responsible for  their own planning, harvesting, hauling, renewal operations,  paying Crown dues and fees, and providing related plans and reports


The total area (land, water, swamp) of the TSA is 3.3 million hectares with 2.7 million being forested.  Timber harvesting is expected to be possible on 1.7 million hectare or 63% of the forested area.  


A long-term Forest Management Plan for the Prince Albert Forest Management Agreement area sets out the goals, objectives, and strategies for this forest for the period from April 1, 2018 to March 31, 2038.


Sakâw, through its Shareholders, compiles an operating plan each year outlining the forestry activities  (harvesting, road building, renewal, etc.) being planned for the next 1-5 years.


Sakâw Public Advisory Group documents can be found on the following page.

Forest Management Plan (2018-2038)

Sakâw Askiy Management Inc. has completed working on a new Forest Management Plan.

Details and documents associated with this plan are available on the Government of Saskatchewan Website.

 [View Current Forest Management Plan Documents >>]